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Sousuke to Soine

Soine Kareshi - Teaser

Sousuke (Soine Kareshi) – Sora Haruaki



Home-Made Crepes

Cooking @ Home!


The Battle Station

Battle Station - 090413 (Night)
Desk Dairies


Stacked Television Sets

Yuzuriha Inori | Guilty Crown

Figure with Credits to @Subarashiifukou

End of Year 2012

EOY! (10 of 40)

EOY 2012 – Singapore’s Last Cosplay event for the year 2012.


The Camera Collection

Sony Collection II

Gear Updates.


[S]ushi – すし

Sushi (3 of 3)

When conventional toppings are not enough.



Bakaizer (922) (3 of 13)


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.