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Kodaka n Kobato

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kobato by: Miyoko-san
Kodaka by: Naoya-kun

Tomodachi ga Sukunai s2 is airing!


Puchi on the goes!!!

Miku on the field!


The Clarke Quay Aftermath.

Part 02 of Mecha Musume Outdoors.


Day of Photography

Treated by Demonick Angel to an Array of Lenses from his Imaging Arsenal.


Cooling down in a burning day.

Yep! youve guessed it. Thats Mios P@nt5u.

Yep! you've guessed it. Thats Mio's P@nt5u. ^^;

How do you guys cool down in a day of sweltering heat?

For my figures…


Night Shooting!

Fuzzy image?

Fuzzy image?

For the sake of practice, Ederu, XS27 and I met up in a nearby park to attempt some night photography!


Colors of the Bay @ Marina Barrage

Sensei Dai Suki!!!

"Sensei Dai Suki!!!"

Not much words are needed to explain these pictures…
Just sit back and enjoy! ^^; (Hopefully they are good enough for enjoyment that is!)