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Back to School


The Clarke Quay Aftermath.

Part 02 of Mecha Musume Outdoors.


Mecha Musume Outdoors!

As promised! the next time you see Mecha Musume – Tsukasa is going to be outdoors!!


WLN&F: Fighting Ants!

We Love Nendoroids and Figmas 03! Chinese Gardens.


Eating Figures

Met with Local DC Readers and Mr Steve Nagata.


Day Shooting!

Relax in the sunlight! Practice for some day shots ^^; (more…)

Colors of the Bay @ Marina Barrage

Sensei Dai Suki!!!

"Sensei Dai Suki!!!"

Not much words are needed to explain these pictures…
Just sit back and enjoy! ^^; (Hopefully they are good enough for enjoyment that is!)