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Sousuke to Soine

Soine Kareshi - Teaser

Sousuke (Soine Kareshi) – Sora Haruaki


Stacked Television Sets

Yuzuriha Inori | Guilty Crown

Figure with Credits to @Subarashiifukou

iPhone 4 Photography

iPhone 4 + DVD Drive Lens (2 of 19)

All these happened on my Table.


Nikon’s Holga


“Lifestyle” shots with a crappy lens. (more…)

Over the months+

Nothing impressive happened while I was gone. Just a little bit of photographing, and spent the rest of my time playing games and preparing for examinations (gah!).

Those who follows my Twitter would know about the minor stuffs which happens ’bout everyday, etc.

Below are a few photos which I’ve mentioned on Twitter, but not here, sooooo.. Why not?

Tea after dinner

Night Shooting!

Fuzzy image?

Fuzzy image?

For the sake of practice, Ederu, XS27 and I met up in a nearby park to attempt some night photography!