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Box Configurations


The Souped up post of – “Compacting Nendos and Figmas” from 2 years ago.


> This is the only Orchid related picture in the whole post!



Nendoroid(ねんどろいど) – Takamachi Nanoha (高町なのは)  The Movie First Version-

AKA The White Devil (白い悪魔).


WLN&F: Halloween in China- Town.

I don't know that to call this... Mecha Winged Dracula Tsukasa?

Met up with the Cast of We Love Figmas and Nendoroids over at Chinatown on a supposedly Sunny day ^^;


Greenery in School

Among the hectic-ness in your school life, one should draw one’s sword and relax! ^^;


Mecha Musume Outdoors!

As promised! the next time you see Mecha Musume – Tsukasa is going to be outdoors!!


Eating Figures

Met with Local DC Readers and Mr Steve Nagata.


Day Shooting!

Relax in the sunlight! Practice for some day shots ^^; (more…)

Colors of the Bay @ Marina Barrage

Sensei Dai Suki!!!

"Sensei Dai Suki!!!"

Not much words are needed to explain these pictures…
Just sit back and enjoy! ^^; (Hopefully they are good enough for enjoyment that is!)