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The Battle Station

Battle Station - 090413 (Night)
Desk Dairies


Cluttered Feathers


Pink Feathers

Alter T. Nanoha (1-7) (10 of 16)


[Z]utto – ずっと


1: continuously in some state (for a long time, distance); throughout; all along; the whole time; all the way;
2: much (better, etc.); by far; far and away;
3: far away; long ago;
4: direct; straight

-Denshi Jisho

[O]-te – お手

ote (2 of 3)
1: (Polite language) hand; arm;
2: (Honorific or respectful language) handwriting; penmanship; (Interjection)
3: ‘shake’ (command to have a dog place its paw in your hand)

[M]echa – メカ


A mech (plural: mecha or mechs), is a science fiction term for a large walking, usually bipedal, robot, including ones on treads and animal shapes.

They are called mecha in Japanese.



Stained Glass

Fate m Nanoha Dress Ver 922 (8 of 12)

Nanoha and Fate


Ambient Lighting

Fate Header

ALTER’s 1/7 Fate T. Casual Clothes Ver.



Dusty! [Hayate] #06
And a dead fly.

[Dollfie Dream] NanoMu

Raging Heart

DD Nanoha X Reimu


Dollfie Dreams

Compilation Post of my Favorite Dollfie Shots.

夏祭り ’11


[Making] Behind the scenes of NanoSeduction


How mister Kodomut does his job.

Making of his post – NanoSeduction.


[Dollfie Dream] Violin(ist) Case

Well, lately we’ve been into Dollfie Dreams.


Life [M]anagement

Just like my iPhone over here, I’m out of Reception and Out of Battery.

*This post will be full of Rants.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing those that celebrates the Lunar New Year a Prosperous New Year with lots of Sugary things that will make you happy!

> This includes you getting your loot cheaper and faster! =P




Uppies for the Month (October 2010)

Rambles, rambles and more rambles!


Uppies for the Month (September 2010)



And her friends.



ALTER’s 1/1 Reinforce Zwei



The Movie 1st.


Uppies for the Month (April 2010)



Gold haired Angel – Fate Testarossa.



Nendoroid(ねんどろいど) – Takamachi Nanoha (高町なのは)  The Movie First Version-

AKA The White Devil (白い悪魔).