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[M]echa – メカ


A mech (plural: mecha or mechs), is a science fiction term for a large walking, usually bipedal, robot, including ones on treads and animal shapes.

They are called mecha in Japanese.



[K]night – 騎士


knight   [nahyt]    noun

1.a mounted soldier serving under a feudal superior in the Middle Ages.
2.(in Europe in the Middle Ages) a man, usually of noble birth, who after an apprenticeship as page and squire was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct.
3.any person of a rank similar to that of the medieval knight.
4.a man upon whom the nonhereditary dignity of knighthood is conferred by a sovereign because of personal merit or for services rendered to the country. In Great Britain he holds the rank next below that of a baronet, and the title Sir  is prefixed to the Christian name, as in Sir john smith.
5.a member of any order or association that designates its members as knights.

Halloweeeeeen 2011


Mecha Shounen – Koizumi #02

Neon Lab

Collab Project with Nutcase23 from TBE.


Mecha Shounen – Koizumi #01

Collab Project with Nutcase23 from TBE.

Modding Sessions V

Mecha Musume III (27 of 42)
Mecha Musume #05 – KagaZulu

Modding Sessions IV

KxG Header

Continuing from Modding Sessions 1.

[Tutorial] General’s Cape


Wire Framed Cape.


Modding Sessions III


Seto X Red Frame


Modding Sessions I

The things i do to my Figmas, carrying on from the last [OLD] post – Mecha Musume-es.



Temping! Gotta see if i can snag some kits for my [WIP] Mecha Musumes as well~

Really thankful that Sheng Tai Toys organizes these screenings! & Thanks @LEon from OpenTheToy for the invite!


And her friends.


Uppies for the Month (August 2010)

Bits and pieces for the Month of August.


Red, White, musumes

Mecha Soldiers of Singapore.


Mecha White Devil

EFSF Prototype Close Combat Mobile Suit



> This is the only Orchid related picture in the whole post!


Backing up…







Gundam Unicorn

Reminds me! I need to churn out my Unicorn Destroy Mode Musume ^^;

Stay Tuned for Details!

SOY’B! – Not Quite.

Mr Warrio and his Meido Pet.


Mecha Musume-es

Don't Worry! they'll be suited up soon!


Aviation Hub

Adventures in the Aviation Hub in Campus with Mecha Musume Tsukasa.


WLN&F: Halloween in China- Town.

I don't know that to call this... Mecha Winged Dracula Tsukasa?

Met up with the Cast of We Love Figmas and Nendoroids over at Chinatown on a supposedly Sunny day ^^;


Mecha Musume Outdoors!

As promised! the next time you see Mecha Musume – Tsukasa is going to be outdoors!!


Gundam Fiesta 2009 @ Compass Point

Write up on the Event!!