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Modding Sessions V

Mecha Musume III (27 of 42)
Mecha Musume #05 – KagaZulu

Modding Sessions IV

KxG Header

Continuing from Modding Sessions 1.

[Making] Behind the Picture [01]

Face to D5000's Body!
Stuffings that happen behind the picture

[Tutorial] General’s Cape


Wire Framed Cape.


Modding Sessions III


Seto X Red Frame


Event Stuffings: Gundam Unicorn Screening Episode 03

Third episode of  Gundam Unicorn. Following the Awesome Episode 02 and Episode 01.


Modding Sessions II



Modding Sessions I

The things i do to my Figmas, carrying on from the last [OLD] post – Mecha Musume-es.



Temping! Gotta see if i can snag some kits for my [WIP] Mecha Musumes as well~

Really thankful that Sheng Tai Toys organizes these screenings! & Thanks @LEon from OpenTheToy for the invite!

Event Stuffings: Gundam Unicorn Screening Episode 02

The Second episode of Unicorn following the First.


Quant (Front)

See through Quant in a Studio!


[Event Stuffings] Gundam Fiesta 2010

Gundam Fiesta 2010 @ Compass Point.


Mecha White Devil

EFSF Prototype Close Combat Mobile Suit



> This is the only Orchid related picture in the whole post!


Gundam Unicorn Tickets.

Gundam Unicorn will be screening in the movie theaters of Singapore for a limited period of time!

And LEon has some tickets to give away!

Wonder if anyone wants tickets for this? ^^

> First seen in: Gundam Unicorn.

Gundam Unicorn

Reminds me! I need to churn out my Unicorn Destroy Mode Musume ^^;

Stay Tuned for Details!

AFA’09 – The Regional Cosplayers in Action.

Congrats to the winner - 00 Emotions!


Gundam Fiesta 2009 @ Compass Point

Write up on the Event!!