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Bishan Park

Bishan Park (12 of 22)

It was a Saturday Afternoon.



CNY PREP (2 of 11)

CNY preppies.




Emotional Shots


[Dollfie Dream] NanoMu

Raging Heart

DD Nanoha X Reimu


[AFA’11] Danny Choo’s Booth

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (13 of 106)


Dollfie Dreams

Compilation Post of my Favorite Dollfie Shots.

[Travel] Hong Kong Day #01

Backdated Hong Kong pictures from June.

<Post Scheduled on 01/10/2011>

[Dollfie Dream] 巴マミ

Page HEader
Quickie Shoot of the Dollfie Mami which is still currently in progress.


[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 03

Making of Mami Gun (12 of 13)
Guns, Muskets

[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 02


Continuing from Part 01.


夏祭り ’11


[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 01

We start off with some Matt Spray.

[Making] Behind the scenes of NanoSeduction


How mister Kodomut does his job.

Making of his post – NanoSeduction.


[DD] Kimono-clad

Yamato Nadeshiko - Morikawa Yuki 07

[Event Stuffings] CosFest 2011

Where walls are Broken.


[Dollfie Dream] Violin(ist) Case

Well, lately we’ve been into Dollfie Dreams.


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing those that celebrates the Lunar New Year a Prosperous New Year with lots of Sugary things that will make you happy!

> This includes you getting your loot cheaper and faster! =P




DD Satori Komeiji

2nd project is done!


[Review] Nendoroid Remilia Scarlet