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Sousuke to Soine

Soine Kareshi - Teaser

Sousuke (Soine Kareshi) – Sora Haruaki


Kodaka n Kobato

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Kobato by: Miyoko-san
Kodaka by: Naoya-kun

Tomodachi ga Sukunai s2 is airing!


End of Year 2012

EOY! (10 of 40)

EOY 2012 – Singapore’s Last Cosplay event for the year 2012.


Protected: AFA’12 -AFA Channel-

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AFA’12 – Festival Access

AFA 2012!!
Stuff that happened in the Festival Area~

AFA’12 -Cosplay Stuffings-

AFA 2012!!
Oppa AFA Style?

*Pics are all from the NEX 6!! And its not Processed!


The Omake Shoot

Yuzuriha Inori - Omakes!

Cosplayer: Camille Iora!

Special Thanks to @Nutcase23, @shazzsteel, @keriseikumi



Awesome cosplay by Camille Iora.


CosFest XI: GO FOR IT! [Day 01 & 02]

CosfestDay2! (1 of 35)


29th February

29feb (2 of 11)

Stuff that happened in Feb~


[Cosplay] Shiroyasha – Sakata Gintoki

Shiroyasha Day Shoot  (11 of 31)

[AFA’11] C0S(P)

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (27 of 106)

[Cosplay] Shiroyasha (Night)

Copy Shiroyasha Night Shoot  (9 of 22)


[Event Stuffings] STGCC’2011 Day 02

STGCC 2011 (Sun) (1 of 42)

Actually paid to go into the convention today! (more…)

[Event Stuffings] CosFest 2011

Where walls are Broken.


SOY’B! – Not Quite.

Mr Warrio and his Meido Pet.


AFA’09 – The Regional Cosplayers in Action.

Congrats to the winner - 00 Emotions!