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The Making of “Stacked Television Sets”

Making of Stacked TVs (18 of 39)
Physical Water Mark!!

Pina’s Mistress



The Camera Collection

Sony Collection II

Gear Updates.


Camera Accessories in H.K.


Biker Girl

SABER BIKE (8 of 12)

GSC – 1/8 Scaled Saber.


Pink Feathers

Alter T. Nanoha (1-7) (10 of 16)


[Cosplay] Shiroyasha – Sakata Gintoki

Shiroyasha Day Shoot  (11 of 31)


Bakaizer (922) (3 of 13)


[AFA’11] Good Smile Company

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (50 of 106)

[AFA’11] Danny Choo’s Booth

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (13 of 106)


[Cosplay] Shiroyasha (Night)

Copy Shiroyasha Night Shoot  (9 of 22)


[Travel] Taiwan Day #02 p1

Chiang Kai Shiek Memorial
Backdated Taiwan Trip pictures Part #02 Part 1.

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[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 01

We start off with some Matt Spray.

[Event Stuffings] CosFest 2011

Where walls are Broken.


Uppies for the Month (November 2010)

Rants and Bants.