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The Graveyard Stage

Silver Crow vs Black Lotus


The Making of “Stacked Television Sets”

Making of Stacked TVs (18 of 39)
Physical Water Mark!!

Stacked Television Sets

Yuzuriha Inori | Guilty Crown

Figure with Credits to @Subarashiifukou

End of Year 2012

EOY! (10 of 40)

EOY 2012 – Singapore’s Last Cosplay event for the year 2012.


Protected: AFA’12 -AFA Channel-

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AFA’12 – Festival Access

AFA 2012!!
Stuff that happened in the Festival Area~

AFA’12 Behind the Scenes

AFA 2012!!
Pictures of Empty Halls!

This AFA

What i’ll be doing this AFA!

The Omake Shoot

Yuzuriha Inori - Omakes!

Cosplayer: Camille Iora!

Special Thanks to @Nutcase23, @shazzsteel, @keriseikumi


Biker Girl

SABER BIKE (8 of 12)

GSC – 1/8 Scaled Saber.



Dusty! [Hayate] #06
And a dead fly.

[AFA’11] C0S(P)

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (27 of 106)

[AFA’11] Good Smile Company

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (50 of 106)

[AFA’11] Dolls of the Round Table, DRT

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (24 of 106)
Portrait Shots only!

[AFA’11] Danny Choo’s Booth

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (13 of 106)


AFA’ 2011 Day 2

AFA 2011 (922px Shots) (17 of 106)
No Day 1 for me as i was still stuck on a military facility on another Island!

[Dollfie Dream] 巴マミ

Page HEader
Quickie Shoot of the Dollfie Mami which is still currently in progress.


[Event Stuffings] STGCC’2011 Day 02

STGCC 2011 (Sun) (1 of 42)

Actually paid to go into the convention today! (more…)

[Event Stuffings] STGCC ‘2011 Day 01

STGCC (10 of 24)

Event Stuffings: AFA X

Yes, the airport.


[Experience] uStream

PS: All credits go to:

Anisong Matrix!!! vol. 2mogra


Event Stuffings: Anime Showdown 2010

Domos in Cans

Event: Anime Showdown 2010

Locale: Takashimaya SC

Span: March 5th – 17th