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DD Nanoha (National Day 2011)
Resident of Singapore & Student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic…   Currently Serving Compulsory Conscription.

I was pretty much a addict gamer before taking up photography.

Even until today, i still listen to the the OST of my Favorite game – Ragnarok Online.

I’ve always had an interest in Photography, but did not have the chance to try it out fully until my cousin lent me his Nikon D70.
Just after a few days of test running the D70, I met Kodomut which is the catalyst of my interest in photography going amok.

→ Crazy Nanonut (Term given by XS-27 as I was sniffing his Nanoha Poster =) ) and Collects everything Nanoha Related!


After starting with Dcal‘s We Love Nendoroids and Figmas’ I has morphed to become an outgoing person that is willing to meetup with peeps sharing my passion.

If there are meteors in course for planet earth and you want to tell me about it, please contact me at:

Like to know where i hang out? Flavors.me

If you do wish to be added to our blogroll, please drop me a twit!


Just a little bit about me.

Extremely inactive, so inactive that you could count me as a guest blogger instead.
I used to be the owner of You caught my eye. until I decided to jump over here due to my lack of commitment (and still lacking).

I shoot: (Nendo → Scaled → Puchi → Dollfie) + Landscapes.
Catch me at Twitter(@Papershot)
Need to know a bit more? Flavors.me

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