WLN&F: BBQ Gathering, June 2010

Meowth, Thats right!

We met up for a little gathering session after a whole month of busy activities.

There was food prepared to fill our hungry tummies, and…

Our Figure’s tummies too! (Courtesy of Nutcase23 – All food belongs to him =) )

As we Gathered, our chibi scaled figures decide to wander off doing their own stuff.

With Shiro being a large freak Glutton.

Looks like Kyon can’t stand Shiro anymore! =)

While those two were having their occasional brawl, we have here a lovely little vocaloid who can’t seem to decide which is right for her.

Rin – TheFuzzy – KrKd.

Oh yeah, did i say we serve seafood?

There was the serious Figure Photography spirit (As always).

But the main highlight for today, has got to the birthday of oOgA – The Boss of The Banzai Effect!

May this year be a year of Fantastic encounters and windfalls!

Hope you get your Nikon Speedlight SB 900 and your dream lenses this year too!! =))


It was a heck of a Party after that! =)



Next in spotlight:

Those food on the table’s really epic!

I’m, getting hungry again… =(


Its amazing that figures get to enjoy buffet dinners too!


If you guys are interested on how we made the buffet table, heres the making process. =)

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/zh3us/4717088495/]

Gotta thank Nutcase23 for the figma foodies, WLNF members for organizing this BBQ gathering and YuKi-To for hosting us!

Had a great time!

More off:

The Banzai Effect!

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