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Anisong Matrix!!! vol. 2mogra

Was taking a little Twitter break during the Furious Exam periods only to find a huge conversation about #mogra.

Being Curious, i decided to take a little peek about what was happening…

Little did i know that they were streaming live from inside a Club in Akihabara (Club name’s mogra)

D=!! ANISONG DISCO YO!! *Faints*

There were tonnes of tunes fired up, remixed and it was a whole party!!

Some familiar tunes include:

Level 5 Judgelight – Fripside


Vanilla Salt – Horie Yui


and a whole dang long list of songs and It lasted from 10pm – 4am (+8 GMT).

There were crowds all getting ready to party and some even Cosplaying! (Spot the Reimu)

Not to mention, Epic DJs with Epic shirts!


If i were to go to Japan in the near future, this is one place i will Never Miss.

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