Uppies for the Month (February 2010)

Azone 1/6 Hybrid Action Figure - Nanoha Exceed Mode.

Personal and Blog updates for the month!


I’d like to declare that Mr. Ederuferuto/Papershot or also know as Omega or Ohms in Flickr has joined my site as a Co-Owner!

I’m really grateful and honored to be able to enlist him into my Blog!

As some might already know, The post:”While Basking in the Sun” was his first post in my Blog.
It's a maze within

and there will be more to come! Do stay tuned!


I’ll be saying about the hoots for this Month.

For me, i think the most major Loot/Hoot for this month will be my Nikon D90

Shooting on Chinese New Year.

After saving for approximately 7 Months, I’m finally able to get hold of this beautiful Piece of technology which i really, enjoy using!

Next will be my Beloved Azone 1/6 Hybrid Action Doll which i manged to procure through Online Retailer AmiAmi.

Will be seeing more of her in the future posts!

Lastly, it’d be the completion of the “Holy Trinity” of the ALTER 1/7 Nanoha PVC Figure Series .

Holy Trinity.

When will i ever get enough space to pull them out of their Boxes?! T_T


Student Stuff and WIP.

Cleared out my Projects for the Semester and all that is left is a paper which will fall on 26 Feb 2010!

Horrendous Table during the Peak Season!

Since thats over! ^^;

Celebrated Chinese New Year which is one of the Major Events which a Chinese in Singapore will celebrate every year over here.

In Runescape, you'll need a Lobster pot and Fishing level 40 to catch these!

And during Chinese New Year, its just food, food, Red Packets and more Food!!

Took some pride in preparing some Lobster Salad for a Family Gathering!


I have been working on Mecha Musume #04 and #05 and they will somewhat look like this:

MM #04

Some Coverage in : “SOY’B! – Not Quite“.

MM #05

Got a Big Big Scolding from @ScorchnRoses for that! ^^;

Should be completing them soon!

For me, The  month of January-Feb has been a really fruitful and Busy month! *Phew!*

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