Went to the Wedding Ceremony of One of my Closer cousins in the family…

Was the first time in my life witnessing 2 single individuals forming into a Single Married couple.

Was also the first time i heard the Wedding Vows ^^; Found it really mushy though.

After the ceremony was a cocktail reception (Drinks tasted really awesome @_@!)

Lets go!

The first picture was actually an Ice Sculpture of a heart – You can actually see it melting there!!

There were fruits on the sculpture for people who wanted a snack before the Main event which was the Wedding Dinner.


Chiaki came with Nendo Puchi Fujioka! Will have to think up some plans to utilize him!


The dinner was a 10 course meal and it included loads of expensive stuffings like abalone and sharks fin soup talk about cost of marriage!!

Went back to the bar for some Snap snap action after the dinner. Darned! wish that i had Kodomut’s Really Sexy Misa Saber.

Would have fitted in here nicely!

Care to enjoy some Chiaki in Rose petals? ^^;

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