WLN&F: AkiBanana

Trip down to AkiBanana – Meido Kissa!

Went down to Akibanana Maid Cafe with Comrades within the circle.

It was a fantastic place with beautiful Maids who were really friendly in serving us and even chatted a thing or two about Figure collecting!

*A pity Megane-licious Mikan-san only liked Fate!! Is there no love for Nanoha?! =(

Moving on!!

Shelves - Defined by Akibanana

I don’t suppose all shelves in Maid Cafes look like this!

But this was really filled with Sweets and a lovely Zange!

“Darned, skin… Why don’t she just lie on my skin?”

Pencil/Pen Holders - Refined.

And thats what you call an Ita-Pencil holder.

Chuu-Able Aika from Dcal's Arsenal of 1/6 cuties.

All of us had the Banana Milk Shake in the menu.

I did say ALL of us! ^^;


1) Haku

Who wants a Nice White Night with Haku?

If you said yes, you’ll need to defeat Mr Gurren Lagann first though!! =P

2) Kagazku/Neru

Which one do you Prefer? Kamina Infused Neru, or Kagazaku?

To Consolidate that.

3) What wouldcha do?

If you see this?

Woulda do this? O_O

4) Tako




This is what Tako really means. Remember that!!

Delicious Tako ^^;!!

Special Thanks to Neko w/ Scythe and Dcal for getting me this Wondrous Nanoha card from Comiket!!

Smooches and Hugs are not even close for my thanks to reach you guys!

do Apologise for me ripping this out from your site!

More Delicious Stuffings and figus on:
The Banzai Effect!

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