Had a fabulous time over at Marina Barrage with Mates who brought stuff ranging from Macbook Pros to Nendoroids.

Kung Fu!

Meister Kiwira Brought over 2 daughters – Sasara and Seika.

There was also a DD Nanoha (Gregory’s) on grounds which killed me instantly.


Fav shot of the day. With _ _ _ powers of over 9000.

Found out that i did not take many pictures of the DDs on site (No Sasara Shots =/ )

*Will make a mental note to take more DD pics!

Dollfies aside, there were other Mecha participants too.

And they were…

The Knights of the Pointy Trangle!

*Zaku headed black things not included.

Demonick’s “Ouchie I’m hurt” MG Exia.

Smexy Kagazaku.

Thought that Musume 02’s really Sexy with the Zettai Ryouiki. What do you think?

-Insert Words here-

Sill BRS.



Darned!! The head swapping goodness of DDs!! =((

Whats this? =3

Megane+Kagami+Sunset = ?


*oOgA’s Nendo Drossel.

The meeting of Doll owners’ truly an eye opener as you can really learn loads of things from them!!

Just washing her Hair and Clothes are chores that a normal human being can’t cope with! *Salute*

Nice meeting you guys!! And lets do more stuff in the Days to come =3

More great pix @:






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