Happy New Year 2010.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year. May the New year bring a whole nest of opportunities, gadgets, anime, manga, gunpla and Figures!

How did you spend your last moments of 2009?
For me, I was with my family snapping up some shots of the fireworks which lit up the skies.


Looking back, 2009 was a fruitful year for me.

Especially meeting the “We Love Nendoroids and Figmas” gang notably comrades Dcal, Kodomut, Neko w/ Scythe (Nyanko / JJ), Papershot-kun, ScorchnRoses, Yuki-To-Chan, Nutcase23-chan, oOgA, Arayden.

The recent meetings with Comrade BNN, LEon, Katsuden and Demonick_Angel also made much of an impact in the Photography aspects of 2009.

I’ve learnt many techniques, lighting changes, DSLR functions, even the effects in Focal distance + changes in aperture size on a photograph.

I would like to sincerely thank Comrade Kodomut for showing me the ropes on that!! *Salute*
Demonick_Angel gave me lessons on Micro lenses, 50mm f/1.8 Prime Lenses, Flash photography, gunpla and Ball jointed dolls.
I’ve learnt different ways of taking photographs by changing angles from Yuki-To, Papershot-kun.
Chatted for hours on Technological stuff including Network protocols, the Local ISPes, whether if Seagate is Better than Western Digital, RAID and many geeky stuff with Neko w/ Scythe (Nyanko / JJ)
Discussed numerous projects due in 2010 with Nutcase23-chan -> So stay tunned for that!
Molested the daughters of Arayden ;PPPPPP
Tried to bomb ScorchnRoses with my fanboyism but got overwhelmed by his power levels in fandom for Hatune Miku.

I Thank all of you for the advice, tips, scoldings, information, poison and the other whatnots that you guys have shared with me!

It is all these that make up the Fun, experience and loads more which i have inherited from you guys.

I Sincerely Thank all of you for looking after me and hope that 2010 will be a year that we make many great memories together!!

Seiyuu Stuff:

Moving on, I’ve also met with The Boss of Zotaku – Zenical and SmileySun .
Which then we spend hours talking about Seiyuu related events, stuffings and all kinda stuff.
Zenical Loves Hocchan, SmilelySun Loves Mizuki Nana, and well, i respect Tamura Yukari very much and i thank her for voicing Nanoha-Chan so well! (Though i did not watch The Nanoha Series in 2009)
The fact that Yukarin is on twitter yet another event in 2009 which i find had some impact.

Nice meeting you guys and we shall talk more about things that we are so passionate about once more!

Big Players:

I feel that 2009 was quite a important year for the local Anime, figures, Cosplay community as the bigger shots from japan came down to have a nice meetup with us in AFA’09
The people include, Danny Choo, Akiyama-san from Goodsmile, Aki-san from Goodmsile, Kaname*, Steve Nagata and the other artists and seiyuu which came down from Japan during AFA’09 and EOY’09.

Looking forward for Singapore CGM Night in March! Danny!

or TokyoDanceTrooper

Thank all of you from taking time off your busy schedules and coming down to Singapore!


I know i seldom blog about anime, but i catch about 9-11 series in a season.

The larger hits of the year for me would be:

1) Bakemonogatari – Because Hitagi’s Sarcasm is just pure win.

2) Eden of the East – Can you beat shooting down missiles with planes?

3) Eve no Jikan – This was really entertaining, from the seiyuu to the art to the character design, everything’s just perfect.

4) Sora no Otoshimono – This might just win the best ecchi anime of the year. I’ll see if Chu-bra can beat this.

5) Kampfer – Pure Seiyuu pwnage. (No regards to storyline at all)

Btw, the picture above is an E|R|P Gantry – Electronic Road Pricing, a kinda High-Tech toll system in Singapore the locals very much hate this and calls it the “Every Road Pay” due to the fact that the government’s building more and more of these.

* Some buildings which are uncompleted near the place which i was shooting the fireworks.

Other Comrades:

*Darned, how can i forget this.*

During 2009, there were also meetings with other comrades from overseas.

Optic from Australia, Radiant_Dreamer from Canada and Yunamon from Malaysia.
Though the time we had for interaction was short, i truly hope that you guys had a nice time over here in the tiny island of Singapore!

Lastly, to all folks who read this,

Happy 2010 and may 2010 Blossom into a year which you wish it would be!!

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