Business Cards

What do you do with Business cards after an Event?

Obtained a few Name Cards during AFA’09… Thanks for giving them to me!!

Name cards are not just for contact information. It is also a image of what you want people to think….

Wow. Gordon's Name Card

Just look at Gordon’s name card! He wrapped 2 cards, one of it the 501 Garrison’s and the other his personal, into a Card protector!

Talk about Details!!


Name cards shall go into the "Folder of Card names"!

Other than collecting Figures, maybe i should start on collecting Namecards too! ;P



Now, this is a large Name card!

^^; Unfortunately for me, The S.TFS postcard will not fit into the folder…

However, i have thought of other uses for it!


Rejuvenating your eyes during a boring lecture!

Inspiration for you when doing your jappy homework!!

A Little Kagamiku to end it off!

Gotta think of more stuff to make for these cuties! Wonder if i can get my hands of the Figma Clothes maker MK I (Looks at user66b).



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