AFA’09 – The Regional Cosplayers in Action.

Congrats to the winner - 00 Emotions!

When Kaname Came out, dcal teleported... Wonder to where?

Mr Kaname was doing a Simon Galaxy Mode Cosplay (Im guessing its because of Shoko-Tan ;P).
Was Amazed to see that Cosplay could actually reach to such levels!

First up was ST Revolution from Singapore.

Thats yuri right?

Presented a emotional performance to the audience. How emotional? Look for yourself!!


2nd Group – Sekai no Gumi from Malaysia.

They did a spoof of Prin Eu looking for her Knight – Spinzaku.


3rd group, The Endless Illusion from Indonesia.

Wow. Kira Kira under lighting!

Elf Ears!


The villian? Hmmmm... Not very familiar with Linage II


There were many Cameramen in-front, near the stage area!

But for me, thanks to dcal’s 55-200mm Lenses, i was sitting down happily! ;P

4th Team – 00 Emotions from Singapore.

He did Gundam Exia last year! ^^;

A pity that his GN Drives dropped off… Wonder if it was intentional?

the Suit’s really well made! The places that are supposed to shine are Shining!


He Even did TransAM at the end!

5th team – Houshin Enqi from Thailand.

They made their mounts themselves! Amazing!


Last Team – Witchblade, Alodia and Ashley from The Philippines!

Sexy Babes with LED Costumes!


Thanks to Hexlord for recording all the videos!

Mr was giving Free Hugs! *Spots an Angry Dcal*

Hug 1

Hug 2

Most Epic HUG!

Mazinger Z!

Once again, Congratulations to 00 Emotions who won!!


;P Shoko-Tan was also there to…. ^^;

All credits for the video goes solely to Hexlord.

He setup his D300 with a Tripod infront of the stage to accomplish this!

My thanks goes to Dcal for lending me Her 55-200mm so that i could just sit down and shoot!

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