Dinner With Comrades

Christmas Lights at Orchard Road are already up!

Remember: The Meetup with Steve Nagata?…

Had something similar this time.

However, doubt words would be any significant compared to the pictures.

Hmmmm... Whats on the left edge?

AFA Staff members?

Hmmm.... Gordon?

Owns a Kagami with Puchi Twin Tails?

Loves Charsiew Shao Yoke Rice?

Storm Trooper...

Kagami Figma + Armor + Brigade Leader Armband + GS Racing Logo = ??

No Prizes for guessing correctly!

Had a pre-AFA gathering with Danny, Kodomut, ScorchnRoses, Ederuferuto, Arayden and the various AFA Staff members.

Accompanying Dinners are photoshoots.

Kodomut going deep into the Photos


Remember him?


Did you think any words were needed? ;P

Gadgets owned by AFA Staff.

Get your Concert Tickets NOW!

There was a Pre activity before this – Tokyo Trooper on the Streets and Comrade Kodomut has got the shots!

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