Recieving Optic!

Met with Yuki-To, Zenical and the peeps from Zotaku to welcome Optic from Australia who will be visiting Singapore in a span of a week with the main reason being AFA’ 09.

We met up for dinner and a lil chat before getting off to the arrival hall for the main event @_@!

And the dinner was…

Its Popeye the Sailor man!

Haruhi with a Plate of Calamari.

Yum Yum! Calamari!

Smoked Cheese? Noyron...

That yellowish thingy was some bread that came with the Chickey they serve – it tasted like butter popcorn though =/
* Bread Courtesy of Yuki-to.

Haruhi seems happy with the bready.

Being poor and having a Freeloading personality detered me from dining with the others… Therefore, they ordered only a 3 Man meal which costed SGD $9 for each person (Thats expensive!).

The "Attention Snapper"! *Puchi Kyoukas not included.

We printed out this note just incase all communications/handsigns/shouts were to break down. ^^;

pKyouka seems to like Zenny ^^;

The god and another who thinks shes god.

Haruhi felt the lack of Mikuru and decided that she’ll do something to pKyouka!

*Departure hall*

*Sign in Service*

~Boss of  ZoneOtaku – Zenical~

Finally! The Moment.

*We'll intro you to him during AFA'09 =P


Do drop us an e-mail if you guys are coming over for AFA’09 or Singapore in the near future!

We’ll get our printers ready and print out the Signs for easy facilitation! =P

After exchanging contact information and whatnots, Optic left in a Taxi for his hotel and we left for home….



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