Greenery in School

Among the hectic-ness in your school life, one should draw one’s sword and relax! ^^;

Been a week since school started…
Finally adapted to all the Shady Class Politics, Days that consists of 11 Hours in school and My Bio Clock – Waking up early in the morning.

Enough ramblings… Post Start!

Most Schools in Singapore have loads of greenery – Trees planted on campus, Gardeners hired to fertilize and maintain the flowers and even workers hired to water the plants periodically!
I’ve always wondered where the budget actually comes from… =/

This time i thought that i’d Shoot “Little Bamboo Grove” feat. Seto Sun just under my Classroom block >_<;

[polldaddy poll=2170422]

After a day of staring into your computer screen... Some Greenery!

After a day of staring into your computer screen... Some Greenery!

As much as the bamboos are elegant, the stems are ugly =/

What are these?!

What are these?!

Those that would like to study with the gentle sound of rattling bamboo leaves, we have benches with Power Points for you to indulge in the serenity in the area. ^^;

Alternatively, One can choose to take some pictures with one’s Camera and figures around the area!
Disclaimer: Activity excludes Other Students shouting at the top of their voices after their classes and Students that play their games over there.

Complimenting the greenery, flowers are definitely a MUST!

Any renowned biologist can tell me what this flower is? O_O

Be sure to come back next Monday for a tinge of the Student Lifestyle in Singapore!

For me, its more chunks of Homework and That Class Politic System!

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This is Part of the “School Life in Singapore” Series.

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