McDees on Friday

Strong Robo arms are for these scenes!

Strong Robo arms are for these scenes!

A little Friday health food to kick off the weekend!

Went over to McDees today to grab some lunch…

The McDonalds over here has a promotion over the lunch hour, from 12pm – 3pm we have something called McValue Lunch
Basically its about SGD $2 off every Extra value meal – and it only happens during weekdays. ^^; Lucky!

Whilst over there, Theres some kinda McDonalds Monopoly thingy going on…

Tsukasa Presents to you the "token"!

For every Upsized Extra Value meal you buy, you’ll get 8 of these sticker tokens.

Stick them on a surface, and remove the stickers.

Wala! Now you know whats actually under the Red M.

@_@ so many stickers.

@_@ so many stickers.

According to the site, there are 2 types of Stickers – “Instant Win” and “Property”.

For Instant Win items,

We Singaporeans Just love Mc Spicy.

We Singaporeans Just love Mc Spicy.

One can redeem what ever they won in the participating McDonald outlets. Talk about FREE FOOD!

For Property Items,

You’ll need to collect the stickers of the same color in order to win the prizes.
Eyes roll at >_> $50,000 Cold Hard Cash.

Yep! The grand prize.

Yep! The grand prize.

What would you do if you had won $50,000 SGD?
-> USD = 35,893.76
-> JYP = 3,296,971.36

Rates kindly converted by XE

With this game of Monopoly, McDonalds will surely claim monopoly of the fast food market here for a while!

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