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Konata -

Konata - Lelouche Ver

Food, food, Food, the source of Happiness that keeps us overflowing energy to go on with our lives…

Over here in Singapore, there are loads of Mystical and Exotic Food that are not really known to the other parts of the world…
With a little added figure love, i hope i can cover some of it ^^;

Char Kuay Tiao. Pronounced as Cha Kuai Ti ao

Char Kuay Tiao. Pronounced as "Cha Kuai Ti ao"

Char Kuay Tiao

Its a combination of Yellow noodles, Flattened rice vermicelli, Bean sprouts, ‘Hum’ – Sea Cockles. All Stir fried in a LARGE Pan, with added Dark Soy sauce Goodness.

The final result is your plate of lunch accompanying a saliva inducing aroma that hopefully does not make you long for more!

Chilli Hitagi-san

Chilli Hitagi-san

Chilli Crab

Ahhh… Crabs don’t you just love the taste of crabs…
Over here in Singapore, we have loads of ways to cook the Armour covered Hitagi-san.
Some examples would include, Black Pepper, Butter, Spice, Curry(YES CURRY!) and loads of other flavors i have yet to try =O
Chilli crab is actually quite hard to prepare… One has to cook the crab until the crab is about 1/2 cooked… Then whip up the gravy that will give the dish its valor (Its hard to prepare this part)

Seems like Kagami Wants a bite!

Seems like Kagami Wants a bite!

Different stores will have different recipes for this dish and some might even have Secret ingredients added.


But of course, if the dishes above does not satisfy you….

Theres always one of the bigger chains. ^^;

I do have a question… Does the Subway over there serve Cookies as a side dish?

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