Cooling down in a burning day.

Yep! youve guessed it. Thats Mios P@nt5u.

Yep! you've guessed it. Thats Mio's P@nt5u. ^^;

How do you guys cool down in a day of sweltering heat?

For my figures…

For my figures, sometimes they have some *Achem* White *Achem* Vanilla ice-cream in a blazing day over here in Singapore! ^^;

Over eating ice-cream however, is not good!

Lucky Channel!

"Lucky Channel!"

Seriously, i have not seen anyone post Pics of Shraishi Minoru Puchis anywhere! I reckon he deserves more love!! He did “drink” water in the live action of Lucky Channel!

Walking home after getting some Ice-Cream!

Walking home after getting some Ice-Cream!

Usually, when i crave for a Popsicle, I’d usually go to 7-11 Store nearby… The bad thing is, i will usually finish the popsicle before i return home. T_T
Where does the sweet temptations from your side come from? A supermart? A convenience store?

Shana is the love!

Shana is the love!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

We should drink lots of water to replenish the water content in your body – especially important in a hot summer day!

This is Part 02 of The birth of a Nendo/Figma Pet

Shots were taken over @ a friend’s place during his failed attempt to keep me there for a sleep over. ^^;

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