Nendo/Figma Pet: Lao Shan Long.

*RAWR* Im as tall as the Fortress you are supposed to defend!

*RAWR* Im as tall as the Fortress you are supposed to defend!

Lao Shan Long, One of the creatures with the most useful of materials in the Monster Hunter Universe, becomes a pet?!

For the Birth of this cute pet… XS27 ^^;

What a cute dragon!

What a cute dragon!

Shortly after the birth of this beautiful baby, it began to roar and demanded that i put him down.

He went exploring the room…

Whats this black thing! *Bites*

“Whats this black thing!” *Bites*

The mischievous dragon was intrigued by its surroundings and began to taste them.

*Bites* This actually tastes good!

*Bites* “This actually tastes good!”

And I thought dragons were carnivorous!!



Well, maybe they actually are… =/

Ecchi dragon is also ecchi!

The new born soon got into trouble with some of its family members.

Minoru: Lucky Channel!!

Minoru: "Lucky Channel!!"

But of course, kind and loving family members do exist !

Miyuki: Here! LaoShan: ^^;

Miyuki: Here!

LaoShan: ^^;

Even though its a dragon, petting it makes it feel good!

Kawaii desu ne!

Kawaii desu ne!

This little story is made possible because XS27 got the Lao Shan Long over @ Ani-Play!!

Meanwhile, one can take a look @ how a real Lao Shan gets Slayed!! ^^; Its no simple feat!

Larger but uglier pix!:

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