An Electronical Funeral

Thinkpad T61p Funeral

Thinkpad T61p Funeral

Today, we come together to mourn the death of my Thinkpad T61p. A trusty pal which was with me for 5 years of my education.

Thinkpad T61p Funeral

He was a Core2Duo machine with a 1680 x 1050 screen and with Nvidia Quattro graphics.

Thinkpad T61p Funeral

RIP Thinkpad T61p, you have served me well.

Be it having water poured over your keyboard, or living without a working battery for over 2 years.

The last 5 years with you were memorable. I still remember that you came with Vista and i changed you to XP. You did not like the change and heated up like a hot bun. But when 7 came along, you rocked hard… both in play and in work.

I will never forget the times which i rushed out my assignments on your legendary keyboard which sets the standard for the PC industry (The others suck =p) or the times when it was dark and I had to turn on your “Thinklight” to illuminate your keyboard.

I will never forget my times with you dear Thinkpad. Even though i have now Moved to a Mac.

Rest in Peace my dearest Thinkpad. May we meet again in our next life.

Thinkpad T61p Funeral

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