The Battle Station

Battle Station - 090413 (Night)
Desk Dairies


Everyone (Well most people) will have a Desk. This is the story of mine.
I only got my own desk after i moved into my new home in 2010.

Back then it was really plain though!

For my work station setup, i only had a Core 2 Duo and a humble Dell Ultrasharp U2407 WFP.

Battle Station - 120910


As time goes by, more figures piled along and my Display shelf slowly gets filled up.

Camera wise i was still using a Nikon D90 then! It was before my big Mirrorless Change really.
Battle Station - 130910 (Night)


This was the time when my Mecha Musume Projects were at its Peak. It nostalgia! (You can actually see them on the Table)

This was also the time when i told my friend – “I’m not Otaku” and he kinda threw a picture of my room into to prove me wrong.

I also bought the Dell Ultrasharp U2311 as my Secondary Monitor as this point of time and it was before i went into National Service!

Battle Station - 150211 (Night)


Like how life progresses, my Desk too Progressed.
This shot was taken with my 2nd Hand Bought Sony NEX-5, back then i was testing out if Mirrorless was the way to go (After seeing my peers in WLNF going well with em).
It was also then i bought my Dell Ultrasharp U2711! Awesome screen.

I also changed my Work Station to an 8 Thread Intel i7 with 12 GBs of RAM for Photography Work Flow.

Changed my Keyboard to a Mechanical Keyboard and my Mouse to a Razer Deathadder 3.5G from a Diamondback 3G.

-In National Service!-
Battle Station - 180612 (Night)


At this point of time, i was really annoyed by the fact that i could not see the figures in the shelf well due to the lack of dynamic range. So i went to read up a little about HDR

And when you apply new Techniques learnt in Photography into your pictures, you get new results as well.

I also moved all my figure boxes out of my cupboard as there wasn’t enough space in the cupboard.

-Still in National Service-
Battle Station - 300912 (Night)

04/11/2012 Night

Experimented more with HDR, this is a 7 Shot Composite and the one above is a 4 shot. Notice the Difference?

At this point of time i was fully into Cosplay Photography and really had quite a few shoots within the span of a few months!

Almost totally neglected my Figurines too! If i recall correctly, i also made the resolution to only shoot Dioramas from here onwards.

I also got my New Watermark! “The Lightning Sign” it was made by my Designer Friend which i met in my new line of work in National Service (Being a Photographer) for the National Day Parade 2013.

Battle Station - 041112 (Night)

04/11/2012 Day

How my Battle Station looks like in the Day.

Battle Station - 041112 (Day)


Ah! It was this time i bought instant Ramen which as SGD $9.60. Japanese Nissin Miso Ramen… Did not really Taste that good though (Will prefer my Curry Instant Ramen Anytime)

I also Erected my Headphone Rack you can see next to the Singapore Flag for my Headphones to Comfortably Rest on.

And this was just right after AFA. I gained experience as a CREW Member for AFA-Channel during AFA’12 and that Sparked off something which changed my Love Life as well.

Technology Wise, i got my Sony MDR-CD900ST. The headphone used in the Japanese Recording Industry to mix all your Ani-songs. Really opened up some ground in the Audiophile Aspect of my life.

I also bought the Sony NEX-6 the game changer for my DSLR game.

Battle Station - 181112 (Night)


This was the time when the Sony SLT-A99 was released. I recall fanboying over it super badly! I also bought my LA-EA2 Translucent Mirror Adaptor during this time for my NEX which allowed me to use Cheap Alpha Lenses on my NEX!

I was rapidly expanding my Social Circle during this point of time, going out often on weekends for supper with someone.

This was also the time which i bugged on JoelTng about how much he was saving for our Japan Trip at the End of 2013!

Battle Station - 041212 (Night)


Last shot of my Battle Station for 2012! Really did not have any mood for Christmas that year. Really have no idea till date!

I was really looking forward to 2013 as it would be the end of service for me in National Service and the year when i finally saved enough to travel to Japan.

Battle Station - 231212 (Night)


Well, looking back… there have been some substantial changes in my lifestyle back from 2012. Loads of stuff have happened and more waiting to happen.

I have also been put through new lessons in life which i will remember and have to remember as a person.

Well! 2013 is a year i’ve been looking forward to since 2011 and really!


Battle Station - 090413 (Night)

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