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Making Cakes (4 of 5)

Behind the scenes of “Musket and the Musketeer“.

It was a hot sunny day in Pulau Tekong, when i was having a lecture regarding military stuff, which i forgot…

Since the lecture practically bored the shit outta me (And i would get punished if i slept), i utilized most of the lecture time planning out my blog posts/studio shoots or poses which i might want to shoot for a specific figure.

Tomoe Mami Nendoroid (3 of 35)

I spent that subsequent weekend making the props which i needed, in this case… Cakes

Making Cakes (3 of 5)

Also waited a few months for Mami to arrive.
GOD BOX (14 of 14)

Using the same 3 lamp studio setup which i used for Many Many shoots. (I gotta change the cloth soon LOL)
NERO in the Throne Room  (32 of 35) Halloween Studio Shoot 2011 (11 of 15) Tsunashi Takuto (922) (10 of 15) Bakaizer (922) (5 of 13)

Fate m Nanoha Dress Ver (2 of 12) Gintoki Xmas 922 (11 of 18) Kagami Xmas 922 (5 of 17)Enma Ai (7 of 25)

Behind the Scenes 01

Behind the Scenes 02

Tomoe Mami Nendoroid (7 of 35)

Tomoe Mami Nendoroid (2 of 35)

Ugly cakes!
Behind the Scenes 03

Managed to shoot something decent with the help of planning!

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