Passing Out Parade

This happened on 07/01/2012.

The Passing Out Parade (POP) is the parade which signals that you’ve successfully completed your BMT/BPT/BRT and are now ready to continue the rest of your NS journey.

The day is one to behold and remember! The joy of throwing your caps into the air and being with your family and friends is going to be with you for a long, long time…. – iPrepNS


This day, is the where Basic Training Ends, from a Recruit to a Private.

And whats a better way to celebrate than to conduct a Parade?

The parade is actually conducted after a 24km route march from the eastern tip of the island to the heartlands.

Which means, SMELLY, SWEATY, STINKY bodies!

Feels good to finally graduate from all the Strict Regimentation to a more stable Conscript Life!

No idea whats gotta happen next, but i have to persevere~

*Pics with Credit to Nutcase23!









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