Life as a Conscript

The Smart Four

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*Non-watermarked pictures are not shot by me.

This post is a continuation from “Compulsory Conscription“.

Currently left with 6 weeks before my graduation from Basic Training.

Weekends (Civilian Life)

From all my time out on weekends, i could attribute about 1/2 the time being spent as “time with family”.

Did not previously spend so much time with my family before i became a Conscript. I guess emotional support really is important.

Singapore Roads

Remaining time was spent on Photo-taking.

Food and Randoms (13 of 16)

Halloween Studio Shoot 2011 (15 of 15)

And fellow WLNF-mates in this case, ex14… His a conscript too!

Doll (5 of 18)

Even though i have been scrutinizing on nice food while i was not a conscript, i find myself spending alot more money on food on weekends while im out.

Might be because of the fact that i can only gouge during weekends.

Food and Randoms (8 of 16)

Lifestyle & Regimentation

None shot by me! All from CyberPioneer’s facebook profile.

The picture below shows the Enlistees on day 1.

Of course, all of them will be Bald soon.

Since time is of the essence in the training phase, we usually have to finish our food within 20mins or so.

And don’t be mistaken, the food is nice there.

Personal Measures

Adopted measures to suit my needs in the Military.

Compulsory Conscripton (6 of 6)

Bought an all weather watch which i can use for training. This is One awesome watch.

I bring it everywhere, even down into the water for Swim lessons, into the mud for Leopard Crawling – Everything, and it still works.

Compulsory Conscripton (4 of 6)

For writing down whats coming in my next post. For writing down Notes.

Compulsory Conscripton (5 of 6)

This is one important commodity inside there. For counting down my days left on the Island.

Compulsory Conscripton (2 of 6)

Issued my the military so that i can survive on a deserted island for at least 3 days. A Huge Bag.


Shit sure is hard. Training that is…

To complete your Basic training, there are a few benchmarks to go through.


A 6 day stay in the Jungle. Definitely something totally out of your comfort zone.


Picture from CyberPioneer’s facebook profile.



Marching for 24KM with somewhat 15 KGs of items on your back.

Picture from CyberPioneer’s facebook profile.




Passing out Parade – GRADUATION!

Picture from CyberPioneer’s facebook profile.

Can’t wait till i get out of Basic Training!

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