Dollfie Dreams

Compilation Post of my Favorite Dollfie Shots.

DD Takamachi Nanoha

Adopted her during end Nov last year from a comrade named gregory86.


Since her wig was quite broken, i got her a new wig off Leekworld too.


And experimented with some flowers! (Though my mum kinda scolded me as i stole her flowers and almost killed them)


She likes carrying Puchies around, apparently.

Final Scene

There was also one occasion where comrade alafista lent me Mari’s glasses. Really allowed me to see the power levels of Red Glasses on Dollfies.


I then went on to buy a few pair of red framed glasses for her too.

DD Nanoha (National Day 2011)


DD Saber Lily

In the WLNF Group, we have 2 Saber Lily owners.


can you spot the difference?




DD Mari

Comrade Alafista’s daugther!






The Collab project between many members in WLNF

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Trial Shoot

Mami DD Part 03 (19 of 24)

Loads of KODO-work went into this!

Mami DD Part 03 (15 of 24)

Goddammed awesome Musket.

Mami DD Part 03 (13 of 24)


Still have much to learn in DD photography.

But first, let me get my new Ultra Wide Angle lens from Sigma in Dec!

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