[Event Stuffings] STGCC ‘2011 Day 01

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STGCC is a special event for me as i have met the WLNF gang and started all this stuff at this event 2 years ago.

This would also be the last event for me before conscription which is on 22nd Aug 2011, 8.45am.
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It was really nice to have Singer_Yuna making the first comment on my post 2 years ago.
And 2 years later, actually received a Namecard of hers, through Kodomut!
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I too, caught up with my classmate from 4 years ago!
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Ok, back to the event…

I did not go into the main halls today, as i was rushing for another event later on in the day. (Natsu Matsuri)
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Definitely going in Tomorrow, gotta see Shizuka Itou in person.
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Events are also a nice place to catch up with friends.
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Oya, Mami DD is done! There will be a post on here soon.
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Hope i can see Kipi-san in person tomorrow!
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