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Race Miku (3 of 6)
No, i don’t own a car.

Previously, i had shared in [L]ife [M]anagement that i maintain specific spreadsheets to aid me in controlling my budget and other aspects of life.

This would be how the latest version of the spreadsheet should look like for future procurement.

Really love my gadgets and would like to obtain as many as i can!

But first, let me tell you guys about the gadgets i use daily.


Main Rig

I run a i7 950 rig which i use as my main.


And i truly believe that it is only in DIY systems, i can obtain and control everything about my computer (Alienware? Whats that?!)

Cleaning my computer’s innards can also be fun at times. Especially when you go with the thought that you have a spanking new and clean system with improved airflow into your system.
Carpet of Dust II

Still lacking another 6GB of RAMs!
OCZ DDR3 Triple Channel 1600 Mhz

As a person who watches and lives on the internet, i maintain a few HDDs running in my system as well.
Hard Disc Drives

Memory Controller


I believe however, in having an independent rig for the management of files. That is still in the pipeline and in the Procurement List.


Camera Gear

In terms of Photo Gear, i only own 1 All Rounder Zoom lens, a APS-C Cannon Nikon DX Body and a Nikon Speedlight Flash Unit.


Nikon D90

Really nothing much to say about this camera. It does everything i want it to do. A nice buddy to have around!

Jurong Birdpark (16 of 89)


Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.0 DC MACRO OS HSM

This is the only lens i own. Contrary to other people’s misconceptions in which i seem to have 2 other lenses (50mm f/1.8 and 55-200).

Really an epic lens to use. Macros are incredible. Been using it for about a year and half now.

My Camera (1 of 2)


Nikon Speedlight SB700

Newest addition to my Camera Gear. Long way to go with the flash!

Nikon SB700



For mobile audio, i run an apple iPod Touch 1st Gen and a Koss Portapros.

Apple iPod Touch 1st Gen

This wonder has served me for 4 and a half years! And it seems that its still going strong!

Side 2

Koss Portapros

Was previously using a pair of Anniversary Versions.

Broken Portapros #04

They turned out to become like this though. ^

Koss Portapros #02

I then found out that i could not live without Portapros and went to get a regular one.

Comfort Zone

I also use my Portapros with Sennie’s HD 414 Pads as they are more comfy.


Cambridge Audio Azur 340A Integrated Amplifier

For my Bookshelves i use the Cambridge Audio Azur 340A amp. It might be a entry level amp, but it really does sound good!

Amplifier Stack

Cambridge Audio - azur 340A

Cambridge Audio


AE Aegis One

Got them 2nd hand off a forum post. Apparently, according to the seller, my pair is already 20 years old (Same age as me!)
AE Aegis One (2 of 7)

AE Aegis One (3 of 7)

AE Aegis One (5 of 7)

AE Aegis One (4 of 7)

AE Aegis One (6 of 7)

AE Aegis One (7 of 7)
For my Subwoofer, I’m still using the sub from my Aego M.
Just waiting for the right time to replace it.

Aego M Innards


Zero DAC

Basic DAC from China.

Zero DAC ver 2009

Face Plates

Cambridge Azur 340A + Zero DAC Ver 2009
//Cable mess
Amp Stack




Dell U2407 WFP

Bought this 2nd hand off a person on VR-Zone 3 years ago.
Dell UltraSharp U2407 WFP (1 of 4)

Dell UltraSharp U2407 WFP (2 of 4)

Dell UltraSharp U2407 WFP (3 of 4)

This set has uneven backlight and split tones on the screen causing color inaccuracy. Looking forward to replace this with a Dell Ultrasharp U2711.
Dell UltraSharp U2407 WFP (4 of 4)


Dell U2311 H

Secondary IPS panel monitor for Anime Watching in 16:9.
Dell UltraSharp U2311H (1 of 3)

Dell UltraSharp U2311H (2 of 3)

Dell UltraSharp U2311H (3 of 3)

Love my gadgets!

Do you?

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