[Travel] Hong Kong Day #02

Backdated Hong Kong pictures from June.

<Post Scheduled on 03/10/2011>

We start off with a nice random GTR on the road.


and GODDAMED AWESOME FOOD – Roast Goose. I can eat this everyday!





They seem to be very proud about this building!


Mini-ture HK




360 degree view of the City!

That simply means…

Time to try out some

Landscape Photography!






Wong Dai Xin Temple




Accompanied my Mum over here to settle some business which she had… Apparently this tour is really turning into a Temple Only Trip!!

Aberdeen Fishing Village

A Tourist location apparently, just some shots to show the area around it.







It was then back on a bridge,


and onto a plane.


That concludes my collection of Taiwan and HK trip posts!

This trip has strengthened some of my photography techniques! It also made me understand that the lighter the camera the better.

Though most of it were Temples, i did come back with some loot which i could not find in Singapore!


I am probability serving my country in compulsory conscription which they call National Service right now when you are read this post.

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