[Travel] Hong Kong Day #01

Backdated Hong Kong pictures from June.

<Post Scheduled on 01/10/2011>

After touching down into Hong Kong.
We headed to our hotel

Our hotel was in the New Territories which made accommodation cheap.
Its actually nice to live in the new territories as you can see first hand how the Hong Kong People live. (Did not have any pictures to show this though! – Gives me an excuse to go back~)

Sights while moving towards our hotel





Since we were more familiar with Hong Kong, we literally dropped our stuff at the hotel, and made a run for Mong Kok.








Since i was in Mong Kok, it was mandatory that i visited Dollfie World.


Stuff i came back with from Mong Kok.


Day 02 scheduled on 03/10/2011.

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