[Travel] Taiwan Day #06 -> Hong Kong


Backdated Taiwan Trip & Hong Kong pictures from June.

<Post Scheduled on 29/09/2011>

Continuing from Taiwan, we came back from Qing Jing Farm back to Taipei.



Had a little tour around Taipei 101

Also took Lunch at a bizarre restaurant.




Gondola Restaurant!




We then went to see some Marching which i did not really appreciate.

Hong Kong!!



Wow! Big port!

Loots from Taiwan

Mami Good Luck Charm~
– Saw this on the last day at MagFreak (Thank you ScorchnRoses for the VIP Membership card!!!)

Guess what i wrote?


I also paid a visit to the Metro Underground mall where all the anime shops are (Did not buy anything there though)


At the Animate in Ximen Ding,


Grabbed a Tamura Yukari Photo-Book~ Will grab more of these when i go over to Japan in 2 years time.


Conpuesu Vol June 2011. Already had a copy of this actually…


But i just can’t resist buy another one for one of these Big Posters //NanoNut mode.


Will be right back with some Hong Kong Posts!

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