[Travel] Taiwan Day #04

Backdated Taiwan Trip pictures from June.

<Post Scheduled on 19/09/2011>

In the morning, we headed to 佛光山 literally “Buddha’s Light Mountain”


It was certainly not a place of interest for me, but for my Mum, she seem to have some business to settle here.



Main Monastery





It was certainly peaceful and quiet on the monastery grounds, doubt that anyone would want to offend the gods who are residing here…

Since this was too, a mountain like structure…



This is what it looks like from the top!

Tea Farmers


We then visited a tea plantation


they produced Macha (Green tea powder) and they recommend us to mix it with yogurt for consumption!


That surprisingly did taste good by the way.

I then hijacked their tea plantation. Posed with the tea plantations. Decide i would be a farmer for life.


Little Swiss Garden

We then climbed another mountain by bus (Taiwan has alot of mountains!)


To visit a place called Qing Jing Farm (Average Temp – 24 Degrees Celsius) HELL YEAH!!!


I have to say, this place would be awesome for figure photography.




Because of its Northern European atmosphere, The Small Swiss Garden has been called “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist;” hence the name. The Qingjing cloudy mists at dawn is like a perfect painting; looking at it from a distance, it is as if the clouds and mists were floating, slowly coming closer, becoming one with the clouds on top of the distant mountains. The pure unadulterated beauty of such a view literally takes one’s breath away. Someone once said, “the view of Qingjing Farm is very similar to Northern Europe. Here verdant peaks are like doors and a sparkling bay is like a violin. With this breathtaking view, it is no wonder that the fame of the Small Swiss Garden spreads far and wide.


Even the 7-11 looks cool here!

Do stay tuned for Day 5! (27/09/2011)

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