[Dollfile Dream] Tomoe Mami Part 01

We start off with some Matt Spray.

After some enlightenment from the Sumika Times – VOLKS’s USA’s official blog.
We (Kodomut, Saiseki, ex14, Papershot and Me) tried to make a custom DD as well.

VOLKS DD-H-04 compared to Takamachi Nanoha DD.


Master Kodomut at work.
Well, according to the site, we should start off with a thin layer of matt spray before we did any face-up. Since we had no prior knowledge in this aspect, we just followed!




We did the head cap as well.

This is how the headcap looks when its wet.

leaving them to dry.

G-Clamp + Head

Comrades at work

Bicycles are nice stands for DD heads to dry.


Our blower, blowing the heads dry.

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