[Making] Behind the scenes of NanoSeduction


How mister Kodomut does his job.

Making of his post – NanoSeduction.

I have known Mr Kodomut for 2 years now and that every time i watch him work, I’m really most of the time, Speechless.


This shoot was conducted in his -Top Secret Home- near Yishun.

Lets start with this shot

\ Plug (1) from Kodomut’s Web.

In this case, the Semi transparent thing covering her was a piece of cloth as shown in the bottom picture.

It was suspended between a ladder with office copier paper boxes and another tower of office copier paper boxes.

Navigation through the curtain.

How it looks like behind the curtain.

(Shot by Kodomut) From this picture, you can see that the background is actually a block of flats.

While shooting outside, Nanoha was brought above the surface using an Ikea moving stool with another stool stacked on it.

-Outdoor shot-

Being on the moving stool also means we can rotate her easily.

And of course the facilitation of easy movement outdoors.

There are many things which I can learn from Mister Kodomut.

Just watching the tools and styles which he can produce is quite inspiring for me.

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