[Event Stuffings] CosFest 2011

Where walls are Broken.

@Shazzsteel is back in Singapore! w00t~


Prolly the first time im actually shooting cosplayers! (Due to the inspiration from the awesome photogs like @ex14, @hexlord, @nutcase23, @shazzsteel)

The world of cosplay is yet another world which i have yet to stumble into.

And im really impressed in the work which goes into these photos, loads of work for the cosplayer during the costume making/props making phase.

Ragnarok Online – Osiris

It Glows! Kaname Madoka

Akemi Homura~, Homu Homu.


We love you. Nutcase23!

Attendees for the day.

Sensual stuff here!

Finally met Akiyo Jiro and more than lovely Yuki! (Srsly looks super awesome)

Sisters here?

Love the dress, Yuki!

Sgt Gordon’s twin drill Sasara.

Girl or Boy?

Contracts were made…

Lots of them…

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