[Dollfie Dream] Violin(ist) Case

Well, lately we’ve been into Dollfie Dreams.

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/zh3us/5606378595]

Other than fixing up computers for @papershot and of course, the daily office hours.

My life more or less revolves around Dollfies and Staying home during weekends.

Srsly, its just staying at home all day during weekends.

Since i have the weekends free at home, went on to Mod a Violin case for DD usage – Kudos to Himebel for the sample!

Grabbed the cheapest violin case i could find and ripped its contents out. (Srsly cheap stuff in there – WTF Styrofoam)

Left with the black plastic container!

For me, i used sponge for the padding material – you’ll need to cut it into shape in order to fit the case.

Also got a large sheet of 100% polyester, shiny cloth. White to prevent staining the vinyl of the Dollfie Dream Body and Head.

You’ll then need to wrap the sponges (Including the Side ones – See below Picture) with the cloth.

This is what you’ll get (Or at least what i got) in the end. Please pad the side of the violin case as well – or else your daughter will be injured!

Himebel’s Saber Lily X Our Nanoha-chan~

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