Life [M]anagement

Just like my iPhone over here, I’m out of Reception and Out of Battery.

*This post will be full of Rants.

Continuing back from (November), I gave up my life of a NEET in order to slog and beautify my resume.


That means that I’m stuck with my -Hobby- life, unmanaged.

I don’t even know whats going on now. That blue box on the table contains all my Squashed up parts/ Dismembered mecha musume girls (Ouch).

Not a very pleasant sight.

Which means that all my Mecha Musume Projects / Modding sessions are mostly on hold ATM, unless i can sort them out


Of course, while saving up time from not posting (LOL) I’ve created some spreadsheets to *Attempt* to sort out the various portions which i need to manage.

After sorting out and a little planning during my free time at work, I found 3 Major factors which if i do not manage carefully, i will be More than DEAD.

1) Figures

Being avid figure collector & with some experience in the field, i believe everyone WILL need some sort of a template or plan to follow.

I mean look, there are tonnes of awesome stuff out there. But the question is: Can you buy everything?

I focus more on Nanoha stuff (At least from now onwards) and thus, will try to allocate more cash into that area.


The collector (personally) will also need the plan to tell him what he has ordered and when it will arrive. If this is not managed properly, you can say tar tar, bye bye, ciao, さようなら to your Cash.

2) Technology

Other than those awesome PVC figurines which i devote most of my youth to, another thing which i “invest” on would be my technology/tech/geeky/gadgets.

Yet another area which one has to control, well we do not have all the money in the world!


Personally I spread myself out in the “technology” area.

I like photography – Expenditure on Lenses, Bodies, Batteries, Bags, Tripods etc.

I also like DIY Performance PC Systems – Expenditure on Computer Chassis, Motherboards, Sandy Bridges, (Ultrasharp) Monitors.

Another factor – HiFi Audio – Amplifiers, Headphones, DACs, Bookshelf speakers, Subwoofers, expensive foam.

I reckon most of my cash actually go here.


3) Putting it together (Budget)

I control this part very strictly, this is the real thing – whereby you throw what you want on the top (Item to Obtain) and set a goal for yourself.


Self discipline = Get the item you want!


Then theres the Social part of the Hobby

I consolidate my mail accounts into 1 mail client. Really gives me the edge when it comes to mail, fast, easy, simple. Say no to webui!


Seriously, after a day of work, you will really want to catch up on the stuff which your friends left (Especially if you do not have internet access in the office)


Good bite sized news about the WLNF folks, the Fukushima Incident & Real time reports on whats going around you.

Find myself going alot more into Twitter than Facebook because of various reasons.

Facebook would be more social orientated, but the group of people I am following in twitter gives me a good grasp of whats happening around me.



Before i end this off, I would like to hear how those working adults actually manage their work and life in a balance.

Concocting a Perfect formula not only requires skill, it also kills your brain cells!


Am trying to seriously Concoct a formula as when i really get employed in the future, this would be a good reference which i can refer to.

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