Event Stuffings: Gundam Unicorn Screening Episode 03

Third episode of  Gundam Unicorn. Following the Awesome Episode 02 and Episode 01.

Brought to us by BANDAI, BHG, Sheng Tai Toys PTE LTD.

Thanks for the Invitation, LEon!

People of all Ages!

Awesome freebies for those that are Invited!

The bag Contained 1x Original Concept Art book on Episode 03, 1x Wall Poster and 1x Promo Material on Unicorn Kits~

The book ^ was really nicely Printed!

The Stack of Gunpla Boxes are actually Lucky Draws Prizes to be given to lucky people who have been selected.

Invitees will find in their Goodie Bags these Lucky Draw vouches which give them the chance to be selected as lucky winners after the show.

The Prizes

Shinanju Medal

Angelo’s Purple Horned Badass Zulu. Would love to have his backpack for my Mecha Musume!

Awesome Missiles + Jegan

BB D – Unicorn

Pearl Unicorn HG 1/144

MG 1/100 Unicorn Ver KA.

Grats to those who have won!


All Standard items had a 30% discount for all Ticket Holders. Talk about Value!

They did not have as much suits for display or any sneak peeks of new suits that will be coming out this time though! (Compared to Episode 02)

The Limited Shinanju HG 1/144 from the Previous Post~

The “QuadWing”.

Zulu O’ Guards Ver.

SD Shinanju Assembled and Crafted by ToyMaker.

Gotta Once again thank the Sponsors – BANDAI, BHG, Sheng Tai Toys PTE LTD.

And the invitiation: LEon!


There will be another Screening for Episode 04. So if you live in Singapore and are interested to:

1) Watch the episode in a Cinema

2) Get 30% off Kits

3) Lucky Draw!


Do keep a look out at OpenTheToy (LEon) or the Sponsor’s (BANDAI, BHG, Sheng Tai Toys PTE LTD) WebSites for updates!


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