Modding Sessions II


KagaZaku has a LOOOOOONG history. She was my 2nd Mecha Musume and an awesome platform which i practiced how Gar and Moe can coexist.

*Wind Blows* She had multiple design changes and finally, new armaments.

Being the “Long Guns” specialist and Mid range combat expert in the MM Division.

Withstanding some sort of weird GN -Failed- Drive project.


WIP: [Z]h3us [M]echa [M]usume [A]rmy – [K]a[G]amiku – 001

Most important addon, which i consider would be the adding of 1x more arm shield and Gunner Zaku’s “Gun”.

*Lovely Gun!*

The gun is connected to the bag pack of the Zaku, which i then attached to the waist of my Figma.

The finish touches would the the Belt which holds “Grenade” like things, making her look more Zaku-ish.

Second Level Mod

Having some sort of Fetish for Big gun and Cannons,

Attached cannons to each shield unit. (Cannons are from Kotobukiya’s MSG – Unit 18, Freestyle Bazooka )

Sprayed and added the Green colored Cannon in picture #04 onto her as well.

Attached a Scope ontop Gunner Zaku’s gun as well~ Turning it into a Sniper Beam Rifle.

When in Sniper mode, the Red datalink cable will then be connected to the headset of KagaZaku to provide aiming and lockon assistance.

When she holds 2x of her Long guns together.

“Full Burst Mode” – LOL //rips off some gundam.

Minor changes in the types of grenades she will carry.

Legs =)

Aim, Snipe

Armor and Girls~

For all the Pics of KagaZaku, Do visit her Photoset on Flickr!

To be carried on in Part III!

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