Y x K

Michael 13 & Shishio, Y x K.

* Warning -Yuri References Inside-

Kagura & Yomi, 2 beautiful gals from Ga Rei -Zero-, well if you have not heard the series, OP’s right below.


“Yomi onee-san? Lets !#%!#@$ today!” – LOL just kidding.

Well, this is Tsuchimiya Kagura (土宮神楽) she wields a sword forged by Michael (An Afro Blacksmith~)

And this is Isayama Yomi (諫山黄泉) wields a blade which summons a demon which fights alongside her.

Many Many things happened between them and no. They do not get chained in the series.

Who do you Prefer? Yomi or Kagura?

Nice Sword.

Going to side track about the Paint Job of Figma Yomi a lil.


Thought that they can be improved though!

Shes never going to be in her Long Hair mode as long as im around!

Kagura looks fine~

Sword ARE nicely painted. That, i can’t deny.


I’m sure this did not happen in the series! But well, its up to you to perceive if this happened or not!~

<3 Yuri?


As usual, more off my

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