Random Post before New Year

Yeah, that’s it.

After being super busy due to final exams, and etc etc etc. I just have a time to go to the north of Thailand.

The weather is better than Bangkok, but it’s not so cold during my stay. The sky is so clear, why not do some Astrophotography shots, with my bare DSLR. yeah, I don’t have telescope ;w; Let’s try.

Sadly it’s full moon night. impossible take a long exposure shot of the whole sky.

(Some people say that very long exposure shot (1 hour ++) can kill the DSLR sensor, is that really true?)

So I decided to take some shots of stars. with the help from iPad.


The ‘GoSkyWatchP’ is super awesome and it’s free!!! (iPhone version is paid app)

All shots are taken with D90 + 70-200VR. Pics are cropped due to insufficient focal length.

Full moon night, yea….


The moon!


Jupiter and the Galilean moons.

The next three, and their locations.

@ 24mm

The rest @ 200mm (some cropped)

M45 Pleiades Cluster

M45 Pleiades Cluster


C41 Hyades Cluster


M42 Orion Nebula


Failed attempt for M31 Andromeda Galaxy Pic…. I should be somewhere in this pic.. nvm



More here: Flickr




Nendo Puchi Marisa. Don’t have much time to take picture of figu >_<

Got to 20 Bloodlines!!! (Now 21, still waiting for another game update)

Spent a whole week on this game, Infinity Blade. Unreal Engine on iOS device, it’s on iPhone too! The good graphic game with no story, just swing the sword!!! $5.99 bucks with 49 Game Center Achievements. Worth a try!


My 2011 gonna be busy >_<

Merry X’Mas and Happy New Year 2011!

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